Eleanor B. (Ellie) Ford

Eleanor B. Ford is a founding partner of the Green Shipping Line and a now-senior member of the family that revolutionized the automotive industry and US transportation system. Ms. Ford has been involved and exposed with the Ford Motor Company since childhood.

Historically, The Fords played an important role in developing the US shipping industry. Until 1986, Ms. Ford‘s forbearers maintained the largest commercial lake shipping fleet in the country. These ships served as the primary means for distributing Ford cars and truck parts throughout the eastern half of the United States. The Ford pedigree in shipping goes further back to the First World War, when Mr. Henry Ford, Ms Ford’s great great grandfather, as part of his role as member of the US Shipping Board, developed and built the fleet of 16 Eagle-class Patrol craft (PE boats) for the US Navy. These vessels remained in service through World War II, in which conflict they protected merchant shipping in the Atlantic.

In 2000, Ms. Ford’s cousin Bill Ford Jr. said, “We (Ford) want to be GREEN, global, and high-tech.” He went on to spearhead a controversial sustainability initiative within the company, which Ellie Ford strongly supported and believed in. Under his leadership, Ford has radically changed how it operates and produces its vehicles, and is leading the charge with its concern for the environment, and a record of implementing green strategies, which Ms Ford brings to the Green Shipping Line initiative.

Besides various manufacturing and transportation interests, Ms Ford sits on the Board of Directors of The Josephine Ford Cancer Institute, Henry Ford Health System Foundation, The Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, The Henry Ford Estate-Fairlane, the Detroit Institute of Art, Clarence Livingood Fund of Detroit, and the Hobe Sound Historical Society.  In the latter connection, she is actively engaged in saving her native city’s famous art patrimony. She is also involved in several civic organizations, not only in the metropolitan Detroit area, but in other areas of the country as well. Many of these civic activities have a direct bearing on the future of the Green Shipping Line, as the project promises, with the help of the AFL-CIO and other seafaring unions, to revitalize the strategic US Ship Industry creating jobs in US yards and putting US mariners back to work on GSL ships.

With all this, Ms. Ford nonetheless finds time to be actively engaged in breeding champion Labrador Retrievers under her kennel prefix of “Longpine” and is associated with “Remedy Labradors.” Remedy Labradors provides Pedigree Labradors to returning US soldiers for an organization called Puppies Behind Bars, owners who wish to place their Labradors in the show ring and bird hunting/retriever trials, and of course for families as loving pets.