Ship Building and National Security

National Security is Critical but ensuring our Economic Survival is Essential

The United States needs a modern commercial shipbuilding sector to secure the nation’s national and economic security. We must be prepared to face a catastrophic event or an overseas conflict that requires U.S. built commercial vessels to transport provisions, equipment, ammunition and vehicles; as well as trained and qualified United States Merchant Mariners to operate the vessels—all in name of national and economic security. However we may be close to not being able to meet these needs.

It is a recognized fact that a vibrant United States shipbuilding industry is a key component of the national security plan for the United States. Without modern shipyard facilities and ship building capacity we will not be able to build and refit U.S. Naval and Coast Guard ships that protect our coasts and offer our armed forces the ability to project military power in the far corners of the world. But as a commercial island trading nation, a strong Navy is only part of the shipbuilding story.

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